Come, let us bow down in worship, 
let us kneel before our Lord our Maker, 
for He is our God and we are the people of His pasture, 
the flock under His care. 
Psalms 95: 6 - 7 (NIV)

Join us in Worship

Sunday School 9:30 am​


Fellowship  10:15 am


Worship    10:45 am


     Pastor: Allen Minor                                   Music Director: Rod Phillips

As a congregation, we honor God through public worship and through opportunities for personal devotions, meditations and prayers. Our worship affirms our tradition of gathering at the Lord's Table every Sunday, while we discover the power of both traditional and contemporary expressions in worship. Each Sunday our Worship Leader will guide us through the service with meditations and prayers. In worship we affirm our faith as we gather at the Lord's Table lead in prayer by our Elders. All Christians are invited to partake in Holy Communion served by our Deacons.  Rod Phillips, Music Director, joyously leads the Choir in praises to our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Pastor Allen Minor guides the congregation through prayer and meditation. His sermons support our Biblical teachings. Pastor Minor encourages all to go forth into the world, carrying the Light of Jesus Christ.

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