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Prayer Vigil

Prayer vigil this year is April 7, 2023.  6am-6pm

Register for an open time slot for this year's prayer vigil.  Enter your 1st and 2nd choice from the available times.  Times are first come, first serve by time submitted.  If your choice(s) are not available, someone will contact you for a different time.

April 7, 2023
Prayer Vigil Times / Participant

(C) - Praying at Church / (H) - Praying from Home

6:00am - Susie CK. (H)            6:30am - Pat C. (H)
7:00am - Jean M. (H)               7:30am - Harold/Laura V. (H)
8:00am - Keith N. (H)               8:30am - Dorothy P. (H)
9:00am - Ginger F. (H)             9:30am - Jody N. (H)
10:00am - Julie G. (H)           10:30am - Johnie G. (H)
11:00am - Marjorie H. (H)    11:30am - Alex S. (C)
12:00pm - Sam/Maxine (H)  12:30pm - Bill B. (H)
1:00pm - M.Wallace (H)          1:30pm - June D. (H)
2:00pm - open                        2:30pm - open
3:00pm - open                        3:30pm - open
4:00pm - open                        4:30pm - Chris H. (H)
5:00pm - Kelly P. (H)              5:30pm - Stacy E. (H)

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