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Community Outreach & Missions

Through Christian service we intend to "do good" as we participate bringing God's realm nearer to humankind. We offer the cup of cold water to the thirsty.We share our 2 loaves and 3 fishes with a hungry world, enabling God to bless the world through our actions.Through Christian service, we intend to be not only hearers of the word, but doers of it as well.
Through our monthly outreach programs we are able to raise money and contribute clothing, food and the Good News to the many families in need in our community.
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By The Way Thrift Store

Branson Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) celebrates our volunteers at the By The Way Thrift Shop where they are given an opportunity to serve our community and our love of Christ.

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Week of Compassion

The Week of Compassion emerged in the early 1940s, as World War II created a series of humanitarian crises around the globe. The International Convention (General Assembly) of the Christian Church made two recommendations regarding multiple aid and relief projects around the world. These recommendations outlined partnerships with multiple ecumenical ministries and counterparts. The Church designated a “Day of Compassion,” on which congregations would hold a special offering to raise funds to support these mission projects.
In 1943, the “Wartime Service Fund” was approved by the International Convention. At this point, the Disciples of Christ designated a “Week of Compassion” to raise $250,000 for ongoing support of these relief efforts.

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Other Ministries & Missions

This is just a small list of the other ministries and missions that we support.


The Disciples Mission Fund >

Christian Action Ministry >

Developmental Connections  >

The Crisis Center >


The House at Missouri State University

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